Members of Sexual Harassment Committee

Members of Sexual Harassment Committee

Name Designation
Ms. Vanchana BadmeraPrincipal
Mrs Nupur Mishra PET
Mr Raju SengarPET
Ms Indu SharmaPRT
Ms Pratibha SinghPRT
Mrs Rekha RathoreCounsellor
Om ShuklaPGT
Mr Umesh SharmaTGT

15 Students (V-XII)
Procedure for approaching Committee :

Committee deals with issues related to sexual harassment and child abuse at the school. It is applicable to all students, staff and other members of the school.
A written complaint is to be lodged if discrimination or sexual harassment is done. It can be through email ([email protected]) or telephonically (8109099725) also.

Following may be considered unwelcome behavior and covered by committee .
Physical Contact (touching any part of the body)

• Demand or request for sexual favours.
• Showing pornography.
• Verbal and non verbal conduct of sexual nature.
• Gender based insults action to be taken depending on nature of violation.
• Warning .
• Written Apology.
• Suspension for a Specific Period.
• Debarred from exam/ expulsion
• Debarring from any post in the school.
In case of any emergency, you can call directly on: 8109099725/9826244720
Emergency Helpline Numbers are displayed on the display boards on each floor.