Our Labs

Social Science Lab

The Social Science Lab reminds the students of the past , the rich culture and heritage of the world. Clay models framed charts, sculptures etc beautify the shelves of the lab. It is a treasure house of CDs from discovery and national geographic channel, maps and a variety of reference books.

Maths Lab

Maths lab is a very colorful room. Students from classes 1-10 have well planned activities .Children perform a number of experiments with paper cutouts and paper folding which help them to understand simple concepts easily.

Science Labs

All three labs physics, chemistry and Biology are well equipped with all modern apparatus. Labs are well ventilated.Qualified teachers and lab assistants are an asset to the labs .These labs are a place for practical learning and exploring science related curiosities.

Technical Lab

Computer Lab- GWPS provides ample opportunities to the students to become future Technocrats. Computer labs are designed in such a way that the children not only get a chance to hone their skills but also explore the world through internet .Broad band connectivity paves the way to become highly skilled resource persons.

English Language Labs- Keeping pace with global trends in the field of education and the role of English on the global platform, the school has setup English language lab .comprising of the latest teaching aids.The aim is to equip the students with good communication and language skills